21 Tips to Giving Better Corporate Gifts

Well planned corporate gifts and promotional items are a cost-effective way to impress new and existing customers, employees and grow your brand presence. Statistics show that companies who give out gifts are twice as likely to be contacted by customers as those that don’t.

Here are some more reasons why corporate gifts are an important marketing tool:

Create a lasting impression with customers

Attract client attention and increase brand awareness
Help build goodwill and strengthen relationships with important customers by showing that you value them and their business

In today’s competitive market, a well-executed corporate gift strategy will set your company aside from competitors and enhance your business image by making you look like a major player in the industry

In markets with very similar products and pricing, a memorable gift can keep you and your company top of clients’ minds

Motivate and reward employees for good performance and achievements, this also helps to maintain loyalty and can be used to add some fun to the workplace.

21 Tips to get the most out of your corporate gift campaign:

Plan your gifting campaign in advance

It’s essential to give well-thought out gifts that are useful and functional in the receiver’s daily lives – gifts will not fulfil their purpose if they’re thrown away or sit in a drawer somewhere. Clever business gifts position you foremost in the minds of your customers and serve as constant reminders

Promotional items are a reflection of your company and are an important form of promotion, so don’t settle for poor quality items consumers won’t appreciate, or that don’t fit in with your company’s image

It’s important to consider the receivers’ personal and cultural preferences i.e alcohol may not make suitable gifts for certain customers so you should have a different option for them. Try to also get unisex gifts wherever possible or otherwise source gender-relevant gifts

A sales visit is the perfect opportunity to give a small (but useful) gift to increase your company’s visibility and serve as a reminder to potential customers

Presentation is often more important than the actual gift itself. A beautifully packaged gift with a personal card shows that a lot of thought and effort has gone into the gift

Always make sure to include your full name and organization details with the gift, especially during busy gift periods like year-end

Distribution of the gifts is also important. Delivery by the sales person themselves is first choice, followed by a courier or delivery service

Always purchase a few extra items in case someone has been forgotten or you have last minute gift requirements

Don’t forget to include any shipping and wrapping costs in your budget

Be memorable: a great gift is like a great conversation

Be consistent but current: give a gift that represents your company and the importance of that customer to you, while still being trendy

Be sustainable: Sustainable gifts show thoughtfulness for the recipient and the planet

Be subtle with your branding: You want to stay top of mind with the gift you’re giving, not make someone feel like a walking advert. A useful gift with a subtle touch of your logo creates an ongoing friendly reminder of your business throughout the year.

For luxury gifts to top clients, do not brand the item at all, rather incorporate your logo into the ribbon/packaging of the gift or the card – the customer will remember you for the special gift and is likely to use it more if it doesn’t have your logo all over it

Be authentic: Give thoughtful gifts and consider delivering your gifts personally to add a personal touch. This helps to create an authentic and lasting impression

If giving gifts to a selected few, be discreet and try not to give gifts of differing value to people in the same office

Don’t forget your customer’s assistant – they’re the next person that you will need to build a relationship with so give them a useful token gift

Try to give something different and avoid the typical kind of gifts, one of the biggest benefits of corporate gifts is word of mouth chatter they can generate

Beware of fly-by-night promotional companies, who may over promise and not deliver what you paid for – always ask for samples and give yourself extra time on your deadline

Take time to find a reputable, reliable promotional company for your gifting – this will give you peace of mind, ensure your deadlines are met and often helps to keep costs down

Over the past 13 years Gray House Promotions has helped thousands of clients create lasting impressions with their corporate gifts. Whether it’s a birthday present or planning your entire annual gifting campaign we can help you conceptualise, source and package the perfect gifts to maximise your gifting budget.

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