Sue Gray

Sue Gray

Founder & CEO of Gray House Promotions

Back in 1998 I worked as a Product Manager for a leading public company in the field of large format digital printing for the Graphic Design, CAD and GIS markets. During my career, I acquired strong Sales, Marketing & PR knowledge and was fortunate to gain broad experience and training in these fields under the mentorship of a very special and unique human being. I was presented with the opportunity to enter the exciting and creative world of corporate and promotional gifting at a crossroads in my life. Having dabbled in importing different products and being a keen spotter of unique and trending ideas, it made sense to join a leading importer where I could use my corporate experience combined with my increasing knowledge of the industry. This empowered me to achieve growth and success in this field.

Finally, in 1999, I found myself in a position to pursue my passion and fulfil my dream of starting my own company and Gray House Promotions was born.

Today, I am proud to say that Gray House Promotions comprises of 9 rare individuals who all share common values of hard work, integrity and not only caring for each other like family but also for each and every one of our valued customers.


Gray House Promotions

Gray House Promotions is a Marketing, Specialty Advertising Gifts and Corporate Clothing and Branding Company that is singularly focused on delivering exclusive and unique marketing solutions for Corporate Marketing needs. We are dedicated to fully understanding our client’s business requirements and are passionate about the Specialty Marketing and Gifting industry. We love creating solutions to fulfil the various needs of our clients and pride ourselves in providing quality products and services that go above and beyond all expectations.

If you had to ask what it is that defines us, we would answer with one word… Integrity. It is at the core of who we are and is the basis from which we work every day.

About Gray House

Why You Can Believe in Us

Because we believe in...

  • Value for money – You should know we take the value you receive from GHP seriously.
  • Being on time – We make it our priority to understand how critical your deadline is so that we deliver on time all the time!
  • Order the quantity you want – You can order the exact quantity you want and get the volume discount you deserve.
  • Product samples – You should be able to touch and feel the product you like to be sure it is right for you, GHP supplies product samples to all its valuable clients at no cost.
  • Free artworks – GHP supplies its own in house proofs and free virtual pre-production samples to speed up the production process and ensure you get the professional result you deserve.
  • Sourcing the right product – GHP keeps up to date with Industry trends and has a team to source or conceptualise ideas for your unique requirements.  We have the resources and experience to find the ideal, exclusive or custom product for your brand or need.
  • Free advice and assistance – We take all the time necessary to give you professional advice, maintaining a high standard of understanding in our field.
  •  Fast order turnaround – If you can’t get it done in time elsewhere, try us!
  •  Giving back – We care about our community and give back in many ways.  Follow us on Social Media to find out more about what we do for our Nation.
  •  People – It is important to us that we make a difference, we employ remarkable people to deliver remarkable service.
  • Protecting your brand – Our clients rely on Gray House promotions to support, protect and enhance their brand. Quality, safety and compliance standards are reviewed and applied on every order we run. Materials, production and working conditions are observed and maintained by GHP employees. Your GHP representative is with you every step of the way –we protect your brand!

Gray House Promotions


“Our objective is to think out of the box and to listen with intent to our clients needs providing them with winning solution.”

  •  Conceptualize, source and present marketing gifts, branding or clothing ideas in a well-organised and professional manner.
  • Exceed client expectations in all areas by maintaining a high level of insight, relevance, innovation, creativity and quality.
  • Work closely with our clients to fully understand their corporate identity, tastes and needs.
  • Create gifting, clothing or branding solutions tailored to our client’s needs.
  • Form sound, trustworthy relationships with our clients to achieve their marketing and brand strategy needs.
  • Provide a quality service to our clients, through our dedicated, skilled, and professional staff.
Gray House Objectives