Establishing Your Brand

Having a successful business is all about attracting the clientele you are targeting or are aiming at targeting. The basis of any marketing plan is THE BRAND, what it stands for and brings to the client.

A good brand stands out and is recognizable. The main goal of a brand is to get clients or consumers to trust you and the brand in particular. This can be created by using a relatable logo and or slogan, something that stands out to your required client.

Once you have the brand concept and feel you need to get the brand out in to market place, you will do this by using various methods:

  • Social Media
  • Signage
  • Marketing materials
  • Branding your items
  • Company clothing
  • Vehicle branding
  • Website

You should make your brand visible and ensure that it will be remembered for the right reasons, ensure that the quality of the items are what you stand for as a company.

The e-commerce space is rapidly expanding, make sure you have a website and are available in the online space. People tend to Google when looking for a product to supply or purchase. Make sure your identity carries through. On your webpage leave a space for client to comment on your service and or product this is a good tool for other clients to see.

Depending where your target market is based plan campaigns around their movements, if a retail based product for example do an in-store promotion or brand a sign in a shopping centre or on a main road nearby a major mall.

Market research, this is fundamental and often overlooked, get your finger on the pulse of the people you want to buy your product or utilize your service. DON’T stop doing this trends change and peoples requirements do too change with them. A successful brand is a chameleon in a sense. You need to be at the forefront of your market sector.

Relationships are vital in any business; to be successful you need to create solid and sound relationships. Even though the age lends itself to email and online communication, be the brand that stays in touch with the market it serves. A well trained sales team is a great tool as they can educate the client base and add the personal touch; remember they are the face of your brand. People remember a face before they remember and e-mail.

Staff education, make sure you have a staff complement that knows and understands your brand. That they stand for and believe in what your goal is. This will carry over to your client and is a true testament to a trusting and reliable brand.

Quality is vital as this is what will bring the clients back again and again. Ensure consistency and reliability in the service or product provided.

Above all, conduct yourself professionally at all times and insist that your employees do the same. If customers see a brand they can respect, you will have no trouble convincing them to trust your product.

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